Body weight exercises to improve your strength

Build a strong workout base is essential before you start throwing around heavy weights. Exercises that improve your strength and stability are important as they help to improve your balance. These exercises give you a solid basis to build on. When getting started on these exercises, get a good mat and proper rug cleaning services if you will be active. These are some of the top body weight exercises to improve strength and stability.

1.    One-Legged Squat Reach

These exercises target abs, butt, and legs. It involves standing on your left leg with the other foot a few inches off the ground near the left ankle. Keep your back straight and bend the left leg about 90 degrees reaching the outside of left foot with your right hand. Return to start and repeat for 15 times or 30 seconds. Switch sides and repeat for another 30 seconds.

2.    Curtsy Salute

The curtsy salute targets triceps, shoulders, butt, and legs. Start by standing with feet hip-width apart. Hold a dumbbell on the left-hand overhead with your palm facing forward. Put your right hand on hip. Lunge the right leg diagonally back while bending both knees. Bending the left elbow at the same time bringing the dumbbell by the right ear. Stand on one leg, extending the arm up on the same side of the leg, as you raise the other leg out to side. Return to curtsy. Switch sides and repeat for 12 reps on each side.

3.    Liftoff

This exercise targets your back, shoulders, abs, butt, and hamstrings. Standing with feet together and arms by sides, lean forward until your back is parallel to ground and arms are extended down. Lift your left leg behind you at the same time and raise your arms directly out to sides. Maintain the hinge position and lower the arms and leg to a few inches off the ground. Switch legs after repeating the exercise for 1 minute.

4.    Plank Hold

This exercise targets all core muscles, especially abs, shoulders, and back. While kneeling on the floor in a near push-up position, place your forearms on the floor with your elbows under the shoulders. Lift your knees off the floor to a straight, push-up position or plank. Keep the back straight, abdominals very tight, and upper back still. Hold this position for about 20 seconds. Breathe while at it. Repeat about 3 or 5 times.

5.    Push-up

A push-up is also an excellent exercise that gives you good core strength. Try elevated push-up if you have shoulder or neck problems. Put the fingers face forward and hands are shoulder width. Keep the back straight, legs straight behind you and abdominals very tight. Keep the upper back flat and the head in neutral alignment. Work up to 15 repetitions.

For most of these exercises Using an interval timer, if you do 15 seconds on each movement, you should follow it with a 15-second rest between. You should pick a scheme which allows you to maintain perfect form. There are many other similar exercises that your trainer can help you with. The strength and stability exercises are excellent for those seeking to build a strong workout base.

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