Ways to Improve Online Customer Retention for Ecommerce

Facts are brutal and facts state that its five times cheaper to retain an existing customer than acquiring a new one. You don’t have to spend all your time cultivating new relationships when you already have one in place. It is easier to maintain a friendship with your best friend than it is to start a new one from scratch. Customer retention is very important in business, especially when it comes to ecommerce. After all, with an online business, you lack the opportunity to connect with your customers in person, and that means you must go overboard to establish the right connections to retain your customers.

Here are some of the most important and useful ways to retain customers for your business.

Adopt email marketing

Email is one of the best ways to connect with ecommerce customers. As soon as a new customer makes a purchase, they should be greeted with a welcome message. You need to use that opportunity to thank them for their purchase and offer them options for upselling and cross selling. It can be easy for customers to drift away especially if they have not made a recent purchase. You need to keep your customers engaged by sending them recurring emails.

Delight you customers

Going up and above for your customers is what sets brands apart from the rest. You need to consider regular acts of delight as this shows your customers that your company cares for them. You may decide to add free samples with a single order they place. Consider doing something that surprises and delights your customers and makes them want to remain loyal to your business and refer their friends in the process.

Have a strong social media presence

Since your store is online, it makes a lot of sense if you can engage with your customers on sites where they are spending most of their time on. These are typically social media sites that target millennials in most cases. Having a powerful social media presence can make a huge difference between customers staying and churning from your business. Give your customers a platform to connect in real time. Additionally, work on monitoring your social media through mentions, hashtags as well as direct posts. Respond to any questions and concerns your customers have and make them feel appreciated.

Offer Rewards

Consider offering a rewards program for your customers. Rewards programs gives you customers a reason to continue purchasing from your brand. Whatever system you have decided to use, give customers an opportunity to want to be part of. Give them an opportunity to accumulate points for very purchase they make and ensure such points can be redeemed. Rewards programs will make your customers feel like they are part of an online community. It is hard for customers to make genuine connections with others especially when they can’t meet in person. Comparing reward points and levels can give them something to bond on. Since ecommerce brands have access to customer purchasing history, ensure each experience you give to a customer is personalized.

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